Tips for Smart and Successful Green Marketing

Business big and small are seeing that simply having a plan to market what you sell as part of the growing new green market is not enough. They have been discovering some challenges along the way. While we may want to get on the bandwagon that seems to ensure success, it is important that you follow a few important key tips if you are planning to embrace the green wave of product marketing.

Whether you are a manufacturing company that has embraced new material sources, such as you see here on this page about custom plastic molding from FiberTech, or are a new business with green concepts as your core business, we all need to think about our marketing techniques. Saying you are a green company is not enough. Here are a few important concepts to keep in mind when laying out that new green marketing plan for your business.

Are Your Claims Provable?

Everyone these days is making all kinds of claims about how green their business is. The problem with making a claim without any way to prove it is that you can be labeled a “green washing” company and end up on the wrong side of this green equation. More and more these days American consumers want some kind of proof that you are what you claim.

There are certification organizations out there that can verify what you claim. What is even more important is that once they verify it, you can use this certification process as a key component of your green marketing campaign. Getting certification from the right company, one that consumers trust, can be a great first step towards setting up marketing goals for your next campaign if you plan to center it on these green claims.

Is the Price Right?

Another big stumbling block for many companies that are new to the green marketing concept is getting a price point that is both believable to the consumer and one that covers any extra costs you have created by this shift. Yes, many consumers who care about the environment are willing to pay a bit more for a product they believe in. But the key to that phrase is “a little bit” and it has to be a believable difference. Make the price too high and consumers will look for another solution. Make it too low and they will have a hard time believing you have the best green product on the market.

Start by taking a close look at your competitors in your marketplace. What kind of price point have they established in the same product lines? If you have competitors that are non-green, use that fact in your marketing to point out why your prices may be higher. Appealing to your core market of green-conscious buyers can make adding that extra cost worth the time and effort.

What’s in It for Me?

While it is all very fine to be saving the planet with your new green process, your consumers will also want to see something that tells them what they will personally gain from using your product instead of your competitors. Organic farmers will talk about taste, fewer chemicals in your food and different varieties, as well as not adding more chemicals to the soil. What is in it for your consumer that they should buy from you, aside from the fact it is a green product?

Post Author: Forbes Enoch