Summer Marketing Tips for Creative Businesses

Every summer we see many of the small creative based businesses looking for new ways to stimulate more customers. While it may indeed be a busy time of year for many of these types of businesses, it is also one where the focus is on making as many sales as possible in a short season.

But you don’t have to count on some passing tourist to make the step into your gallery or small shop to get those sales happening. From special summer events to promote your goods to leaving the shop and hitting the road with your handy mobile payment processor in hand, you can take advantage of summer sales. Here are some marketing tips to get you thinking of summer as the time of year to make hay while the sun shines.

Working with Local Festivals

If you are part of a non-profit artists group, the summer is the best time to step up your relationships with local festivals and other non-profits. This is because many of these local street fairs will offer a free or very cheap table to local non-profits and artists.

You can even help them to promote their festival on your website and ask for them to do the same to help promote both their street fair and your art. Locals are more likely to seek you out again later when they see you at a local street fair or local artist fair.

Email Promotions

Just because it is summer doesn’t mean that you should be slowing down any of the tried and true marketing campaigns that you have been running. If you have a newsletter this is the perfect time to promote the street fairs you will be at (see above) or if you plan to open up a pop-up shop in a tourist friendly area of town.

Let your local supporters know where you will be and maybe even negotiate a better table price at local events by promoting them on your own social media and email promotions. Email remains the best return on investment of all marketing on the net today so use it to your advantage.

Summer Workshops

In the summer, many cities offer space to local artists to hold workshops and it is a good way to promote your art. Talk to your local community center about using empty school space to hold a workshop or two that will introduce you to more of the local community.

You can promote your business, connect with other artistic businesses and get brownie points with city hall all at the same time with these workshops. In the summer months as kids are home from school, many community centers are looking for ways to bring those kids into the local centers. You can make it a win-win for everyone with a daily workshop or weekly special artist day.

Think Outside the Box

As you can see, summer presents a number of unique opportunities for local artists to promote what they do and sell. If you live in an area that has a good amount of tourist traffic, try setting up a local pop-up shop with other artists that can capture that wandering paycheck.

They want truly authentic local art, and you have the very thing they are looking to bring back home. From street fairs and local workshops to tourist-centric kiosks or pop-up shops, there is wealth of opportunities out there for local creative businesses this summer.

Post Author: Forbes Enoch