Popular Online Advertising Platforms

Over the last decade, Singapore’s market has witnessed two mega paradigm shifts. First, the customers have become digitally savvy and have started depending on internet a lot more for looking up products and services. Secondly, in order to meet the customers where they are, the businesses have also gone online. But it has not been that easy for businesses to become visible to their customers in the virtual world. So just like you depend on marketing to create that brand visibility and awareness in offline world, the businesses are looking at advertising online in Singapore. They are trying to make an effort to reach out to as many people as possible using the digital channels for promotional activities.

The online world offers multiple channels to a digital marketer. Which ones should be used for the Singapore market? Here are the popular online advertising platforms for digital marketing.

  1. Google Advertising

The most popular way used by customers to look for products and services is to do a quick Google search. Unless you are up there on the first page, your online presence wold not be optimized. In such cases, you can opt for paid advertising. This way Google will put you right up there in the ad section when a customer searches for your product or service in Singapore.

  1. Facebook Promotion

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website. It is widely used by people in Singapore to interact with each other. What you as a business can do is leverage these interactions to understand their likes and preferences. You can analyse these to identify the ones who are most likely to buy from you. You can then set up your own Facebook page and encourage them to visit it. This way they get to see what you offer and explore more.

  1. LinkedIn Advertising

You can use the world’s most popular professional networking website for targeted marketing. You can join the several LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your product or service. In these groups, you would have people who are potential buyers for your business. For high value services, you can study the profiles of these people and identify their key challenges and what they are expected to deliver in their role. You can build a professional persona of these people which can help you create targeted messaging that would be relevant and interesting to the potential buyers.


Post Author: Forbes Enoch