Decoding the Employer Branding Process!

Employer Branding is a relevant term that you may have heard with relevance to HR marketing. For the uninitiated, this is the process of promoting a company as an employer worth vouching for. Employer Branding is important because it allows a company to attract, hire, and retain the best talents for different and respective roles. In recent years, marketing firms like Sept24 have changed the concept by applying varied means and methods.

There is no denying that HR marketing and Employer Branding are aspects that businesses cannot afford to ignore, regardless of the size, operations and other aspects. In this regard, Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is also important, because it talks of the offerings that a company has to offer to an employee that also sets it part from others.

The process

Employer Branding is a comprehensive process, which involves many steps. First and foremost, it is about setting and believing in Employer Value Proposition (EVP). The top management needs to take calls based on data and information at hand. The best idea is to hire one of the HR marketing firms for the work, because they do the initial research and offer information that actually helps in creating a comprehensive hiring process.

Next, it is also important to focus on the actual process, which is more focused on company-candidate compatibility. Basically, you would want professionals and potential candidates to identify with your brand, find it relevant for their careers and offer them more than just a lucrative paycheck.

Finally, employer brand promotion is also about testing and trying the practices time and again. The process is an evolving one, so agencies often use new trends, check market changes and use different strategies to turn a company into an employer brand.

Hiring a firm

If you are focused on employer branding, you need to find a company that understands HR marketing at its core. They should be able to offer advice, assistance and help on all the relevant matters and must also focus adequately on ways that help in talent acquisition. From selecting digital means and communication channels, to assisting clients in setting up retention programs, facilities and other things, they should be able to deal with HR marketing completely. Of course, the service needs to be affordable and must have experience of working with large and small companies alike.

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Post Author: Forbes Enoch